Can I Help Your Business?


Can I help your business?

I am often asked, “As a business coach, what businesses can you help?”  The obvious answer is, any business.  This is a bold claim of course, but here’s the deal.  With my own life and business experience, the systems to which I have access, and the people I can talk to and get backup, there is no business I am unable to help.

– Maybe you need more cashflow or profit.  Want a “5 Ways” system to increase profits at least 61% this year?

-Improve your marketing pieces?  Let’s talk about AIDA and the conversion equation and see where you need to change.

– To hire the best employees?  Done for you or a system?

– Get your team to work better?  First check yourself (controversial?  Accept the challenge and prove me wrong).  After that, let me introduce you to our 6 step process, or I can come in and do a team day for you!

– Work fewer hours or get better use of your time?  Let’s review your systems so you can stop saying “Why doesn’t anyone else do anything right?”

– Trouble believing in yourself?  Love to help people uncover the causes and find ways think better.  #1?  Check the WORDS you use, especially to yourself.  Would you allow anyone else to talk to you that way?

– Ready to get out of your business or planning on it someday (you will retire someday, even if it’s just when you die…)?  Sell, residuals, or just install a CEO/GM?  Let’s talk.

I can hear it though, “My business is different!”  I hear this all the time.  OK, your business is unique.  Just as you are unique.  However, the strategies that apply to other businesses also apply to your business.  Guaranteed!

When I started the Cincinnati Biobank and the Better Outcomes for Children project, I was told there were certainly places the project would not be possible because “that division” is unique.

So, we started with one division everyone said would be one of the hardest.  No problems!  We had developed solid processes and procedures.  Sure, we made a few tweaks, but all good.  Then we did a very high customer volume group, one where they usually didn’t collect samples (this seemed a logical objection for the project, believe me), and finally the ED…

Develop rock solid systems and they can apply in any circumstance, if applied intelligently.


Alright, there are a variety of things I have not yet encountered.  What do I do then?  Well, first “go check the system.”  I have written guidance from ActionCOACH as well as numerous books.  If I am not confident, I have back up from some of the top people in the world!

Brad Sugars, Dan Holstein, and Bruce Wilson.  Oliver Talamayan, and Mandy Morris.  Karl Bryan and Chris Kling.  Or maybe my LinkedIn guy, Rod Ferrier.  Dozens of others, not trying to put together an exhaustive list here or anything…

So, with all that talking about who I CAN help, am I saying I can fix any business?

The answer is NO!

I don’t fix businesses.  I work with business owners who in turn fix THEIR businesses.

I give them an outside perspective, an accountability partner, knowledge they themselves lack so that they can do what is necessary to grow their business.

I help them become the person they need to BE in order to succeed.

That said, if they don’t follow my advice, if they don’t do what we agree upon, if they don’t ACT…NOTHING will get better.

Success is all about the actions you take!

What this means is that for me, is that I am able to help any business owner succeed; however, in practice, how they show up is exceedingly important when determining if they will benefit from my coaching.

I will leave you with the characteristics of clients who will be successful if we engage and characteristics of clients who are not likely to succeed with me.

Successful clients:

  1. Accept responsibility for what goes right or wrong
  2. An action taker
  3. Looking to learn and grow
  4. Accept input graciously
  5. Risk taker
  6. Willing to invest to improve themselves and their business
  7. Solution oriented

Clients who do not fare as well:

  1. Blame others
  2. Don’t act
  3. Victim mentality
  4. Convinced they already know everything they need to know
  5. Constantly come up with excuses or blame others for problems
  6. Failure mindset

So, if you are a business owner looking to improve your business, AND you fit the above category, drop me a line.  There is no risk. I won’t take on a client who I cannot guarantee to improve.  Let’s talk and see if there are ways I can help you.

Michael Barnes