My Keys to Freedom


Several years ago, I found myself working 80-100 hours / week for months on end for someone else. I missed my kids’ events and missed being with them. I felt this was pointless and questioned what my life was all about.

I was working in the corporate world and built essentially a division for my company because I was an expert in the field. I didn’t know anything about running a business. I didn’t have anyone to teach me or mentors in business. I was frustrated that all the skills I had in my industry didn’t help me build my business. As I went to national or international conferences, I found that most of us were in the same boat.

At that point, I didn’t have systems in place to run my business so I had to be around for everything. I had to answer questions and make decisions constantly. I typically didn’t let my team go off on their own because I was worried they would make the “wrong” decision. I effectively taught them not to make choices for fear that I would tell them why they were wrong. I felt I was the expert who had to decide everything.

Eventually, I figured things out and built an international model for how to do this business. I worked with people around the world as they built similar businesses and helped them put systems in place to get better work product for less cost, increase profits, and develop better happier and more loyal teams. In future positions, I built systems and was able to cut my costs 20-50% and get orders out 50% faster using fewer employees.

Now I get to live my passion by working with business owners who are good at their industry but don’t know enough about business. Or those who know there is more to know to get to that “next level.” I help them build their businesses so that they have time to live their lives, get phenomenal teams and build profits to support the life they want.

Do you want a business that runs without you? One that where you make enough money and have enough time to live the life of your dream? PM me and let’s talk about how we can build that for you.